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Phyre Dawg™

AL13 Phyre Grinder 4 piece

AL13 Phyre Grinder 4 piece

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The AL13 Phyre Grinder is a high-quality, durable tool designed specifically for grinding cannabis buds into a fine and consistent texture. Crafted with precision and attention to detail, this grinder is built to enhance your cannabis preparation experience.

The grinder is made from premium aerospace-grade aluminum . It ensures sturdiness and longevity, capable of withstanding regular use. Its construction also ensures that no unwanted flavours or contaminants are introduced to your cannabis during the grinding process.

The AL13 Phyre Grinder features multiple components that work together to create an efficient grinding experience. It consists of the following parts:

  1. Lid/Top: The lid or top of the grinder has sharp, diamond-shaped teeth  strategically placed to shred the cannabis buds when rotated.

  2. Grinding Chamber: Once the lid is removed, the grinding chamber is exposed. This chamber is where the shredded cannabis collects after grinding.

  3. Pollen Chamber: Many high-quality grinders like the AL13 have an additional chamber at the bottom, separated by a fine mesh screen. This chamber is designed to collect and store the fine pollen or kief that falls through the screen during grinding.

  4. Magnetised Closure: To ensure a secure and hassle-free grinding experience, the lid and the grinding chamber are often equipped with magnets that hold them together tightly.

Using the AL13 Phyre Grinder is straightforward. Simply follow these steps:

  1. Break down your cannabis buds into smaller, manageable pieces.

  2. Open the grinder by removing the lid.

  3. Place the broken-down cannabis buds on the teeth or pegs of the grinding chamber.

  4. Close the lid and rotate it in a clockwise or counterclockwise direction.

  5. Continue rotating until you feel that the cannabis has been ground to the desired consistency. The ground cannabis will collect in the grinding chamber.

  6. Open the grinder and carefully collect the ground cannabis for further use.

  7. Periodically clean out your grinder's pollen chamber to collect the accumulated kief for future consumption.

The Phyre Dawg Cannabis grinder is an essential tool for cannabis enthusiasts who value convenience, consistency, and quality in their smoking or vaporising experience.

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